News! Intervention, Comics Are Great, and Lean Into Art

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

So much news to share!


I'm in Rockville, Maryland for Intervention: "Your Online LIfe, In-Person" this weekend. Excited to experience the tabling, the fun events, and to be presenting. Friday night 8PM I'll be presenting the new and improved version of "Storytelling to Make Your Comic's UI Awesome".

Comics Are Great!

On Wednesday the 14th I was a guest on the Comics Are Great! show. Had a fun conversation with Jerzy Drozd and later in the episode Eli Niberger about how making comics is only the first challenge of creating them. We talked about the various options for publishing your comics online and tradeoffs to consider when choosing between options like a comic portal, wordpress, posterous, tumbler, and more.

Lean Into Art!

Last but not least - the lovely yet giant project that I've been working on with Jerzy Drozd is called Lean Into Art. It's an online art center with a focus on visual arts and storytelling. We have free content available via a new podcast we launched, our art/creative/teaching journal podcasts. We've also launched live workshops available in December... and the big kick-off event: 30 Classes in 30 Days!

Each day in November we'll feature a new live class, time shifted class, or lab/roundtable. Join us for "an ultimate kick in the learning"!