AGZ News, Projects, Public Speaking Appearance

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

Change is inevitable. With Art Geek Zoo - it's a way of life. I mentioned in the behind the scenes commentary episode of the Polytechnicast that almost every comic I post here shows some evolution of style, technique, or both. 

What's coming next for the comic will continue that evolution. We'll be rejoining Pick and Crunchy and see how they deal with their assignment in Chromarch. What is unknown to me is exactly when I'll be sharing that story. AGZ isn't on hiatus - not yet - but the update schedule is now officially out the window.

Currently I'm focused on finishing some changes and improvements to this site, looking for a new UI/UX contractpreparing+updating workshops for speaking engagements, and working on a "secret project" that I'm incredibly excited about but have to wait a few more weeks to share the details. 

In other news...  

Do you make comics and think about making videogames with your comic's world and characters? If you're in the Twin Cities Minnesota area 6PM Thursday August 4th 2011, join us at the Nordeast Comics Summit! I'll be presenting "Making Videogames from Comics"!