Songs for the Lean Into Art Podcast

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

Lean Into Art is an online art center/learning network I've been building this year with Jerzy Drozd. As part of the project we started a podcast called The Lean Into Art Cast which needed an intro and outro song.

Looking back at the official intro song it feels as if I was channeling the up-beat let's-go-kick-some-monster-butt feeling of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer theme.

My initial theme attempt was a rough doodle trying to do something funky, happy, and a little bit metal. It ended up being a mishmash and didn't speak to me. None of the riffs had enough of a hook and I quickly set this one aside.

Then I made the official outro, some days I really dig this one, others not as much.

Last I worked on a third candidate for the official intro. I set it aside, forgot about it. There's a little special something about it, though it's a tad too long to fit an easy outro.