Conundrum: 27 Seconds of Metal Riff+Lead

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

I've been eyeing the Death Metal Drum Loops over at Loopgalaxy for some time. I keep hoping they'll go on sale as I'm sure 80.00 USD is a fair price for a great sounding pack of 240 loops, but it's one that's high enough where I keep balking at it. Anyways I see they now have a version 2 of the loops I've been considering.

If you sign up for an account, they offer a sample/demo the drum loop package. This clip is me experimenting with a riff and just one loop from the demo "grindcore_230z7_double_walk". I feel satisfied enough with the experiment, though it brings the challenge of wanting to finish the song and to pick up those drum loops. Good-on Loopgalaxy for providing me with such a conundrum.