Why Must I Be a Guitar Pedal in Love? Part 8

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


This concludes our Max Ruckus FX focused mini-comic! Max may not be the emotional heavyweight lifting champ, but he has grown a bit. When we continue the main story we'll be revisiting Max and Nara. Can Max endure the long term workout of a relationship with Nara? More to come in chapter 5 of Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound!

Soon I'll be posting the print version of "Why Must I Be a Guitar Pedal in Love?" in the AGZ Store where for a low price you'll be able to have a signed copy of Max's short story to carry with you, hang on the wall, keep in your car, or ideally in your guitar gig bag!

Coming up next will be another mini comic! Just like this one it'll be eight episodes and cover a bit more of the preface and build up to chapter 5!

Update:  I've published new versions of episodes 1-5 of "Why Must I Be a Guitar Pedal in Love?". Give the 8 episode series a read from the beginning.