Guitar Fretter Instructional Comic Part 2

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger



Guitar Fretter's instructions - the rest of the set! These are now part of Guitar Fretter, the soon to be released version 1.3. 

Instructional comics aren't what I'd typically post but it is fun to share it with you for a few reasons. First - I'm time crunched between a client workload increase and working to make Guitar Fretter 1.3 the best I can in a reasonable timeframe (I could always take longer for the release... but that leads to other problems). Instructions are in interesting area of sequential art. 

You've probably encountered them on airplane barf-bags: open bag, use the correct end of the bag. Furniture assembly instructions (I'm looking at you Ikea): stick figure next to the pile of materials in a sequence that somewhat suggests the stick figure encouraging the parts to become less chaotic until somehow a bookshelf appears. I'm just poking fun! Often comics is chosen as a medium to convey instructions because comics can convey so much in relatively small space. It's a powerful thing to be able to depict and narrate a sequence of events with characters, word balloons, and panels.  How else would you easily learn how to use your seat as a floating device, assemble a DVD rack, or how to activate NINJA MODE?

If the two weeks of instruction comics isn't your cup of tea, do not fret! Stories and jokes resume next week. I'll be sharing some of my mini comic efforts, stay tuned!