Multiple Episodes Per Week, Starting Wednesday

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

It's looking like I'll be able to get the new schedule going sooner than I thought.

Instead of waiting until the end of season one, I'm starting to publish multiple episodes per week tomorrow. On Wednesday (coming up very soon as I work on this article) you'll see a second AGZ episode for this week. Then Friday's episode will be an interesting sketch from my sketchbook.

  • Mondays: AGZ Episode

  • Wednesdays: AGZ Episode

  • Fridays: Rob's Sketchbook

This strikes me funny somewhat since I was unsure about it a week ago. As it turns out I, after I went through my plans, goals and how I was going about making the weekly episodes I realized that I'm ready to go ahead with multiple AGZ episodes weekly. When I look back, I've been building up to it gradually with the Friday/weekend sketch episodes and the I Draw Stuff and Talk videos, getting used to the flow of posting content more days per week.

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Thanks for reading AGZ, even the odd housekeeping post such as this one!

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