A Stronger Right-Hand

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

That Guy?

Locus is the right-hand of evil in an episode of the original 1980's He-Man "Wizard of Stone Mountain"[^1].

While the series and story is all-ages and it'd be against the focus of the show to get overly detailed about the concept of evil, I think the treatment of the Locus character wasn't as strong as it needed to be. Someone who rises through the ranks of all evil in all the universe to the position of one step below the master of all evil would exhibit more consistency of purpose and strength than Locus was given in this story. I would imagine such a being would be ready to take the top position, looking for and manipulating circumstance to gain the upper hand.

Early in the story - Locus is handling business with ease. He strikes a deal with Malloc[^2], the Wizard of Stone Mountain. Locus shows that he's great at what he does and loves doing it. Making a deal with Malloc, blowing up a dam to cause a situation that would bring Teela to the rescue, and more.

I expected Locus to run into trouble in the climax and resolution, He-Man stories are moral based tales that work to teach positive lessons and choices. Kind of like Aesop only with a powerful business model based on toy merchandising and I have no problem with that. What I have a problem with is that Locus turns into a quivering bumbler when the big evil honcho arrives.

Locus should have had a way to spin the situation, show his worthiness as a strong foe and give the audience a glimpse of what it takes to be the right-hand of all that is evil.

This Guy.

Meet Locus: The Right-Hand of Evil.


To take on Lean Into Art Quest 5, "Not that guy", a mini-challenge offered by Jerzy Drozd of Lean Into Art and Comics Are Great I gathered the aforementioned thoughts on the story and sketched my own version of Locus.


[^1]:"Wizard of Stone Mountain" totally sounds like an Ozzy or perhaps Ronnie James Dio song title. Great title.

[^2]:Is malloc also a programming pun related to C memory allocation?