Guitar Fretter's Anniversary Sale and Custom Tuning

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

July is coming up fast and July 2012 happens to be Guitar Fretter's 2nd anniversary. I'm hoping that sometime within the month I'll get an update published with some performance fixes and soon after finish a new feature: custom tunings. Custom tunings will allow you to set the note each string is tuned for 4-5 string bass or 6-7 string guitar.

Both to celebrate and to experiment, I've dropped the price of Guitar Fretter in half to 99 cents USD. I'm a one person operation and like to experiment, perhaps this will be a permanent price drop, perhaps not. Regardless to the permancy of the price change, Guitar Fretter is definitely on sale at a reduced price for the first time in a year.

Happy early anniversary and thank you again for checking out Guitar Fretter!