EYEO 2017 Sketches and Doodle Style Notes

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

EYEO is a conference style gathering where artists, engineers, scientists, professors, enthusiasts of all types of backgrounds gather to learn from one another via talks, social events, and hanging out in the hallways of The Walker Art Center in Minnepolis, MN. Some common topics you'll encounter: making cool installations, coming upon interesting insights while making things, building things to serve and awareness of challenges of given communities. Lots of design, art, data, but not limited to those concerns exclusively.

Something I posted on Instagram along the way this year sums up a lot: "Still sketching away at #eyeo, an event that continues to teach me things that I didn't know I needed to learn and then wonder how I could have lived without learning."

For a few years now, it's been my habit to draw during talks with the intent to connect further with what is being said, shown, via words and doodles. Also, to discover connections between those things I'm capturing: noticing what I'm noticing.

Here are sketches I captured at EYEO 2017. Likely they're most useful to my memory. Maybe next most useful to those who might have been there to recall stuff based on these notes. Then in a random way maybe useful to those who are curious to check out these great speakers present but haven't yet had the chance.

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