Knock Knock Brain Crunch

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

A 30 second riff and melody hook experiment. Does it make your brain feel like mine does today? Recorded over metalcore drum loop "grindcore 230z double walk" in Apple Logic. No disrespect to bass, didn't record a bass part yet. The hypothetical bass would be a meld between the rhythm guitar and the drums while not a repeat of either, perhaps emphasize the gallop. 

Vash the Stampede - A Driven Metal Riff (Rhythm, Lead, and Bass)

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

If it's been a while since I picked up my guitar, often I find a fun new riff or a new take on an old riff. If I happen to be recording, it helps me stay in the moment and not worry about losing the idea. I know from experience that if I stop myself part way through, connect my recording setup, then try to re-capture the idea it's often already gone. 

A "creative energy sacrifice to the universe" is how I look at loosing the idea. It's not the end of the world, but I do prefer capturing the ideas to possibly use later.

When I recorded this (a couple days ago) it had been a few weeks since I played. I chose to get setup to loop record in GarageBand and have fun riffing over a drum loop from "metalcore drum pack 2". 

I decided to add lead and bass after capturing the foundational riff for this clip. The foundation riff is lots of E string punishment, a little bit of straight 16th note beat with some swing, and some 16th note triplet gallop punctuated by a power chord progression. 

Ambient Guitar Track - Something Else Is On The Ship

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

I made these loops and main ambient track in response to a request from John Anealio of Sci Fi Songs. He had the idea of using loops of sounds and music that people send him to create a Sci-Fi audio collage. The finished collage is live and ready for your listening enjoyment!

Initially I intended to only capture the loops and send them off but had too much fun playing with the loops and mixing which led the track "Something Else Is On The Ship".

Something Else Is On The Ship was made in Garage band adding some additional effects such as echo, delay, and 8-bit videogame style decay. All of the loops were recorded wet using effects on the Korg AX1000G multi pedal such as "space", "filtron", and "travel".

Loops I used to make the track "Something Else Is On The Ship":

And finally: these loops are the first thing I'm sharing as Creative Commons. 

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