Rob's Current Go-To Web Design List For Inspiration in Usability, Visual Design, and Fun

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

Prompted by a tweet question from Ken Drab of the web comic Rick the Stick, I assembled this go-to list of sites I look to currently as good examples of usability, visual design, and fun. I'd have tweeted this but it's already far too long of a response for twitter. There are dozens of other sites that almost make these short-lists but I'll keep this brief. Please note that some sites make more than one list!

Good Usability:
These sites present tasks plainly, consistently, show what's important, de-emphasise what's less important.

Good Visual Design:
The look of these sites is executed with care and intention to good style and communication.

Fun Times to be Had via Style, Message, and/or Interaction:
My favorite definition of fun is in the book A Theory of Fun. These sites aren't all about games, some are some aren't. They all have fun in doing what they do and don't sacrifice good design in the process.

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