Art Geek Zoo Polytechnicast 2 - Podcast Playlist Recommendations (repost)

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


Art & Story
Mark Rudolph and Jerzy Drozt
- Highly recommend: Your comic from the ground up series.

Art & Story Extreme
- Workday of two creative people
- Awesome intro songs/bits, especially "the lone cartoonist" version of TV's "The Fall Guy" theme "the lone stuntman".

Tech / Science

Security Now
Steve Gibson, Leo Laporte
- Cryptography
- Rational rejection of security

Entertainment - Games

Rebel FM + Game Club
Anthony Gallegos, Arthur Gies, Tyler Barber

Entertainment - Music

Requiem Metal Podcast
mark rudolph, jason hundey
- Highly recommend: Iron Maiden - Paul Diano Years

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