Polytechnicast - Creative Endeavor Code of Arms

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

In this episode of the Polytechnicast I share a new draft of what I'm now calling my Creative Endeavor Code of Arms, which is something I use to evaluate projects I consider taking part. I recorded this episode minutes after coming up with the new draft.

The differences are subtle and the new draft needs work - yet I'm liking where it's going.

Version 1:

  1. I'm seeking to do what I love,
  2. For a community I care about,
  3. Using tools and methods to believe in,
  4. To engage in a sustainable trade.

The new draft:

  1. I'm seeking to make and share what I'm naturally passionate about,
  2. With a community and collaborators I love,
  3. Using and advocating for tools and methods I believe in,
  4. To engage in a sustainable trade of value,
  5. And to experience sustainable learning.

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