Dungeon Keeper is Still an Awesome Game

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

I picked up Dungeon Keeper yesterday from Good Ol Games to see if it still had that certain magic about it that I crave to this day in a real time strategy game.

Sure it was a DOS based game back in the late 90's with a few rough edges in the user interface.

Yep, it's still awesome.

It's part parody on hero quests, part real-time strategy game, part management philosophy game. So good.

I love how Good ol' Games has it packaged up with a great App icon and it just works, even in OS X Mountain Lion. Well over a decade since it was made and on an operating system it was never intended to run.

While I know it is running in a self-contained virtual machine environment, it's just wonderful to be able to run the game.

Even better - it' great to re-discover how well designed a game it is.

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