Bringing it Back

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

Persistence Lair has existed in a few other blog forms. I'm bringing it back once again to have a place to share in a more me-centered way than Blog of an Interactive Storyteller.

While the content I share here may be of use to others, the emphasis in this journal is to be my place of practicing, learning, and persistence.

Blogging about ones blogging past is a status report that no one is waiting to see. It's a trap that I and so many other bloggers fall into. Readers are looking for a wide variety of messages ranging from connection, quick discovery, learning something new, or finding messages that connect with what they believe or enjoy. Posts about starting a blog, resuming a blog, hiatuses and the like don't offer much of importance to the reader.

Still - one thing I respect with the blog progress report types of posts is that it's an expresson of intent. Statements of intention don't often provide a service or result, but they do provide some commitment and clarity about the commitment.

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