Listening This Week

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

Looking back at my podcast listening this week, here are some of my favorites:

The Web Ahead 53: Animations with Val Head: For my Underwater Tomato Ninja class and for the original prototype of Guitar Fretter I'd explored CSS animation, this podcast was a fantastic refresher and I'm thinking about picking up Val's book CSS Animations Pocket Guide.

The Changelog 39: Sass, Bourbon and Product Design with Phil LaPier: Fun conversation style interview that provided more background for Bourbon. I've yet to delve deeply into Sass and Bourbon but have them both on my radar since designers I respect use them both. Also Bourbon is supported by default in the very handy static HTML project helper app: Hammer. Lately I've been using Hammer to help with rapid HTML prototyping and even wireframing in HTML using Zurb's Foundation framework.

Systematic 48: Aditi Terpstra and a room full of Bretts: Brett Terprstra interviews his wife Aditi and they cover interesting ground in thinking about animal behavior and behavior in general. Fun to hear a couple podcast and it reminded me of how I podcasted a few weeks ago with my wife Kate Shields Stenzinger at Lean Into Art on LIA Cast 76 - Everyone Doubts.

A few other quick mentions of podcasts I enjoyed this week:

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