Video: Using Songbird to Fetch Art and Story Supreme Podcasts

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

This video shows how I go about downloading the podcasts available via Art and Story Supreme membership. If you're not familiar with Art and Story - it's a series of podcasts and content about the craft of cartooning. Supreme delves even further by providing more in depth behind the scenes process and thoughts from the same artists that bring you the free Art and Story Podcasts.

It's obvious by how I describe their content that I find it to be a great resource on many levels as food for thought on my path as a fellow visual artist and internet based small business. 

I share this video with those of you who'd like your A&S Supreme content to be easily portable since at this time there's not a simple RSS based traditional podcast download feature available to subscribers. This video shows the work-around that I use. It's a few extra steps but it's worth it.

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