Where the Weird Kids Go

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

In October I did a book cover commission for Pete Gilbertson's latest collection of short stories Where the Weird Kids Go.

Been meaning to post about this for weeks to share this closeup peek at work in progress. I wish I could say I waited on purpose to coincide with this sale announcement. It turns out both of Pete Gilbertson's short story collections are being featured by Amazon in different sales starting on November 29th.

Zombies at the Gates is free for download from 11/29-12/2


Where the Weird Kids Go is discounted from 11/29-12/4

Gallery of the Work In Progress

Really enjoyed this project, the short story of Where the Weird Kids go is very evocative.

A series from early doodles of the carousel animals all the way through changes in the composition, colors and on to the final cover.

The final cover of Where the Weird Kids Go

Final line art for the cover of Where the Weird Kids Go.

I thought it'd be fun to include a large version of the inked line art - feel free to turn it into blue lines to ink for fun, color these inks for fun, or both!

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