Image Search Bookmarklet Experiment

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

Recently on the Lean Into Art Cast, the topic of image reference and digital asset libraries came up. I shared how I've been using a Keyboard Maestro macro to speed up my image reference searches, especially focused on Creative Commons licensed works.

Most all the image sources I've been using of late I'd learned about via a presentation on Slideshare called Good Presentations Matter - not what I expected learning from the presentation, but quite a handy find.

Instead of sharing my Keyboard Maestro Macro - I made a bookmarklet. They're reusable and provide the same amount of convenience. The first is a wide and fun search - it targets more sources than Creative Commons and includes the wacky Photofunia. The second search is based only on Creative Commons image resources.

Simply drag either or both of the following links to you browser's bookmarks, click and you'll be prompted to enter your search terms, click OK and you'll instantly search a few repositories at once.

Depending on your browser settings, you may run into pop-up errors. If you'd like to skip the bookmarklet approach, these are the links I used: