Nagado's Request (episode 133)

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


We've arrived at the end of Art Geek Zoo Season 2. Can you believe it? Looking back it seems like it's gone by so fast. Season 2 started at the end of August 2009... so much has happened since then, in the story of AGZ and in my day to day life with becoming a dad, progression of my software consulting business, then starting to make a game and shelving it temporarily to start a second game that's coming out very soon... things have been busy and awesome.

Saying that reminds me - I'll be sure to blog more about the interesting behind the scenes stuff of the past year and what's currently going on soon. I miss sharing those behind-the-scenes kinds of of posts.

So what's next? Comics on will continue, however we'll be taking a break from the main plot to visit new "Rob's Day Off - Sort of" comics and a new "AGZ Mini" series. Now that my archive of comics is building up, I'm considering posting some "classic" re-posts with commentary as well.

Thanks for reading Art Geek Zoo! .\m/