24 Hour Comic Special - Metal or the Girl - Front Cover

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


24 Hour Comic Day 2010 has come and gone and in its path it left a whole bunch of comics. Take for instance this special short story: Metal or the Girl. Instead of getting back to the AGZ Mini short story of For Whom the Button Clicks I decided to make a cover for Metal or the Girl and I'll be fixing errors in the comic plus toning the pages that I ran out of time to tone. I'll still link to the original as-they-were on 24 Hour Comic Day pages, but it'll read better both online and in print with the improvements.

Update: Pages 9-24 are now toned and the error on page 15 is now fixed! Each page that changed, instead of linking to the previous version, I just embedded the old image small-preview style in that page's blog article section.

What's this Metal or the Girl short story? It's a tale from the backstory of Art Geek Zoo where we see Pick Wingvey struggling with some choices with his maybe-girlfriend Amy and his membership in scare-metal garage band and in each situation he is trying to be more true to himself. I had fun visiting Pick's character in a time before the ill-fated traumatic talent-show-incident that leaves him with a terrible case of stage fright which he battles with in the main story of Art Geek Zoo. That's something the longtime readers of AGZ are quite familiar with, hope you don't mind the mention to help the new readers. :)

Speaking of the main story, you may notice I've been modifying the comic's title a bit on the site and as I mention it on the interwebs. I feel it captures the concept of the world and story better: Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound.

Ready to read Metal or The Girl from the beginning? Here's a
link to jump to page one of Metal or The Girl!