AGZ Delays = Possible Guest Comic?

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

This is one of those posts I haven't had to write too-often on Art Geek Zoo... there's going to be an extended delay in finishing the current mini-comic series: Pick Wingvey - Born Guitarist. From time to time, I've adjusted AGZ's schedule, had some minor delays now and then but a couple week delay isn't something I do too often.

I'll get the series rolling again Friday the 24th - possibly not until July 1st. I'm sorry to be going off my schedule of one comic per week. Thankfully it's due to having many good things going (Kids Read Comics, catching up on Babies Love Comics stuff, busy day job stuff) mixed in with the normal life/family commitment stuff.

Thank you for understanding (assuming I have that, if not then thanks for reading anyway). :)  Feel free to ping me in the comments or twitter if you're curious to learn more about the delay... or if you'd like to do a guest comic or fan art that'd be even better!