Pick Wingvey: Born Guitarist (part 5 of 8)

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


 Gholhems sent from Musica arrive at the most awkward time! Oskar and Lillian hold on to a slim chance of keeping Pick's talents hidden... how far will they go to keep the gholhems from finding out... what do the gholhems already know? Find out next episode!

Behind the Scenes

It's been ages since I've provided behind the scenes commentary. I've been pondering ways to bring it back both in the blog and in the Polytechnicast.

For instance - the episode post text is something that I often like to add for various reasons. It's a good way to make the comic more find-able since text in images isn't searchable via Google. Writing those next episode teasers feels like I'm an announcer much like the one at the beginning and end of each episode of Dragonball Z.

I'm a big fan of that series and of Dragonball. Dragonball GT, from what little I've seen of it - not as much. I share that because you might hear a similar style voice in your reading-mind with these next episode teasers. If you hear an amped-up announcer in your head - emphatically and  dramatically announcing "FIND OUT on the next EXCITING episode..." then you're in good company.