Why Must I Be a Guitar Pedal in Love? Part 5

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


Max probably deserves the kind of help friends like Bearman and Sharkface have to offer. That said, it does seem like Max is in deep-deep weight lifting doo-doo beyond the reach of Bearman's motivation. Let's see what happens to Max next week as he passes-out on the bench! How can that help him figure out his love trouble? Tune in to find out... 

I was watching Kim Holm's Ustream today and Jonathan Rector's Ustream the other day. A great way to be creatively inspired, motivated, and learn something is to watch an artist that streams some of their work day. Seeing drawings come together, grow and breath their way into a finished form is awesome. Many "21st century cartoonists" share their work process in that way. If you haven't watched such a session yet, I highly recommend giving it a try.

By the way, 21st century cartoonists is an information-packed 5-minute presentation Jerzy Drozd gave at the Ignite event in Chelsea, Michigan. The presentation highlights how modern day cartoonists are well served by connecting more with their local communities and representing comics as an open, inviting artform good for literacy, and more. He also shares ideas on how cartoonists connecting with the community in new ways can be good for existing comic businesses. It's 5 minutes well spent, worth checking out!

Update:  New version of the page uploaded. Now the comic shares the same revised pen and marker style as published in episodes 6-8. See the original version here.