Why Must I Be a Guitar Pedal in Love? Part 6

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


The unconscious Max Ruckus FX has a vision of his true love, Nara the snare drum. Can Max sort through his baggage to really connect with Nara? First things first, he needs to survive his weight lifting incident! Stay tuned for the 7th episode in Max's mini-comic short story "Why Must I be a Guitar Pedal in Love?".

You may notice a different look to this episode than the prior 6. Being the experimental yahoo that I am... I evolved the art style mid-story. There's a few learning goals I have tied to this mini-comic. First, it will be bound as a physical mini-comic for sale. For the group of artists and writers part of the Mini-Comics Dump Truck we're all trading copies of our books. I'm also using this project to practice natural media techniques... all stuff I mentioned before. Since episode 5 of 8, I revised the pen work and paneling of episodes 1-4, toned the characters and backgrounds with Copic markers, and now in episode 6 I'm testing a digital coloring process that uses the prior analog work as a foundation.

I'm planning to update the other episodes in this mini-comic series to the new look after I finish the actual physical book. More process notes to come!