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Pick Wingvey is wildly talented and dedicated to being a guitarist, yet he's also underconfident and has a severe case of stagefright. Currently he copes with this by hiding inside a specially made Shuriken costume. 

Crunchy the Mystical Guitar is a moody, sincere, hot-headed guitar figuring out gaps in his memory and trying to stay away from the Mystical Guitar Tribe.

Taka Wilberts is a talented writer and capable musician, senior student. He could have graduated early if he only had the motivation to focus on his studies and school involvement. Polytechnica has a point system beyond the grading system that pushes students to volunteer and get involved in a variety of groups and roles in order to graduate. Professor Razorclaw tries to help out Taka by giving him the Student Guide role for Pick Wingvey. 

Styxx Spazolla is from a family of acrobats and festival drum performers. 

Battle Axe Bill is Crunchy's older, jealous brother. Bill is ready to bully, manipulate, ...

Nessil is Crunchy's wanna-do-good, loves to follow and enforce-rules younger brother... looks up to Bill so Nessil's list of rules is a bit tangled with contradictions to which Nessil is completely blind.

Max Ruckus FX is a deceptive trouble making guitar effects pedal that bears a significant grudge against Pick and Crunchy.

Karl St. Vincent is a healer of musicians and musical instruments and an accomplished musician in his own right. He owns the Nerve-Vana instrument spas. 

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Sledge is a gholhem (see definition below) in the employ of Battle Axe Bill. 

Oskar Wingvey is Pick Wingvey's dad.

Lilian Wingvey is Pick Wingvey's mom.

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Lank Girraferton Sr. is a side-kick/crony to Ray Rey.

Lank Girraferton Jr. is son of LG Sr. 

Erf Kramstihoo, a musician wanna-be and has had a difficult time at the Zoo College of the Arts.


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Marlo is a song and dance student at Polytechnica, has a crush on Taka.

Xana is a song and dance student at Polytechnica, ex-girlfriend of Taka, currently dating Miles.

Miles is Stacy's twin brother. 

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Stacy (Pain Jane) is a student in Razorclaw's class, she has a long standing crush on Terrant Razorclaw from his past music efforts such as Ugly Love Machine.

Ray Rey is a musician businesssman on a mission. A mission that hasn't been revealed in the story. Stay tuned.

Foam Daemon is the lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter of the band FOM. Taka and Styxx are super-fans of his work while it unsettles and even brings out Pick's fears, so he doesn't like it so much.  

Professor (Terrant) Razorclaw is a very accomplished musician both acicemically and professionaly. For a time he served as a Tribal Knight of the Mystical Guitar Tribe. Currently Razorclaw is the master professor of the music program in the Zoo College of the Arts Polytechnica.

Ms. Angela Tall is the dean and chief administrator of the Zoo College of the Arts Polytechnica.

Gard Gardereth is the bouncer at the Soundhouse Saloon.

Big Bad Stu is the owner of the Soundhouse Saloon.

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Clicky (AGZ Mini only) is a "Guitar Button" game controller come to life. Crunchy is his father, Ray Rey is his mom. Clicky is a troublemaker and smooth talking mascott for all Guitar Button properties. He's also compatible with the game "Bootar Band". 

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Foam Daemon's Minions (AGZ Mini Only) are demon-cherubs that do all the labor of Foam Daemon's schemes. 

Edviss is the drummer in Pain Jane and The Needles.

Future Characters

30/30characters: Characters I designed and announced during the 2009 30 Characters in 30 Days Challenge.


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Chromarch: Chromarch is a city in the mountains near Polytechnica, where Battle Axe Bill takes Pick and Crunchy at the beginning of Season 2 in the Rescue Pick and Crunchy chapter. It's also where the other Mystical Instruments live outside of the Mystical Guitar Village

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Mystical Guitar Village: The Home of the Mystical Guitar Tribe and where Crunchy doesn't want to go back. Battle Axe Bill and Nessil are on a mission from the tribe at the end of Season One on into the beginning of Season 2.

(See Zoo College of the Arts)
Polytechnica: The elite school within the Zoo College of the Arts for the most gifted students and most accomplished professors. 

Zoo College of the Arts: A large liberal art school with an emphasis on art, music, and dance. 

The Sound House Saloon: An important venue in the Polytechnica college town for up and coming artists, established local acts, and the occasional just for the fans events of highly popular bands. 


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 Foam Daemon's highly successful dark metal band. FÖM gets a lot of free press from fan followers and rumors they spread about the band's magical abilities.

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Resonant Dojo: Pick, Crunchy, Taka, Styxx, and Max formed this band to get through Razorclaw's first assignment.

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Sad Dragon: A popular, elder-statesmen metal band. Masters of "heavy metal book report" songs.


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Ugly Love Machine: Professor Razorclaw's successful solo project.

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Unrevealed Name 1: Pick's mother and father were in a band back when they attended Polytechnica with Professor (Terrant) Razorclaw.

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Pain Jane and the Needles: Stacy, Miles, Lank Jr., Edviss, and Erf's band. 


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Gholhem is a long-lived, strong talent musician often paired with a Mystical Instrument.

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Mystical Instrument/Mystical Guitar is a living musical instrument. 

The Way of Sound is a creative and martial discipline that can be used to entertain, communicate, heal, travel, and of course defend and attack in battle.