Why Must I Be a Guitar Pedal in Love? Part 4

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


Max's struggle continues... maybe he'll get some help from his wrestler gym pals. We'll see next week just what kind of help that'll be!

The process I've used to make his mini-comic mini-series has been a good learning experience. It's been many years since I've used a light table this often for cleaning up art work or bringing it to the pen stage. I did a few experiments last fall doing some fan art for Monsters Are Go! and for Robotech... glad to be finally getting to making full comics with the light table and natural media pen. The vast majority of art I've made in recent years is either fully digital or starts out as pencil to quickly become digital for the rest of the stages. Speaking of art process I'm planning to revisit using color again soon. 

Update:  New version of the page uploaded. Now the comic shares the same revised pen and marker style as published in episodes 6-8. See the original version here.