Happy 3rd Anniversary to Art Geek Zoo!

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

Can you believe it's been 3 years already? 

I have the urge to be more pondering and reflective but not the time (perhaps I'll do than in the next Polytechnicast episode) - so instead I'll high five you all and thank you for reading Art Geek Zoo! 

In a bit a quick reflection, I re-read my first few posts and I mention how my art style is changing quite a bit... sure I've landed on a look now and then that can last a while but it's still true today - three years later - my art style is constantly morphing along. I think that fact stressed me out a bit back then but it doesn't anymore. In fact, here's a little anniversary sketch that celebrates three of Crunchy the Mystical Guitar's different looks:

On a somewhat related note - I've never made much noise about it, but I would certainly celebrate the idea of AGZ fan art. If any of you are so inclined, feel free to post a link in the comments or email me and I'd love to get an AGZ fan art page started.