4 Step Goal Management

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


It's that time of year where many people, myself included, go through some sort of goal planning process. Please note if you're looking to take pointers from the process in today's comic... as Strong Bad once said, "It's not for the faint of heart... or for the faint of butt".

When is the next season/chapter of the main storyline coming? That's a question I know some of you are curious about. It's certainly coming, but as to when... my best estimate is early May. There's much prep still to do for that story arc as I'm following my tradition of working to up my game as to how I produce the comic, what style/look I'm going for, and continuing to improve my writing process. I'll still do my best to publish a comic every week in the mean time. Also in the mean time be sure to keep watch for big and small changes on this site I hope to get some of those changes in by the end of January - easier comic book/chapter navigation, easier "liking/sharing" of the comic, and a bunch more improvements.

A Happy New Year to you! And thanks for reading Art Geek Zoo!

\m/ -Rob

Update January 13: I've added improved liking/sharing and some long overdue fixes behind the scenes that make posting and editing posts much easier. Please do spread the word about the comics at Art Geek Zoo! Hopefully the "share this" widgets will come in handy!