Mini-Comics Dumptruck

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


Yep, I went and joined another art challenge. Before you can ask - "Hey are you addicted to these art challenges, Rob?" I just want to say a simple "Yes". 

This new one is more mellow than a 24 Hour comic or 30 Characters in 30 Days however. It's the Mini-Comics Dumptruck and it's a challenge that's available to members of Art & Story Supreme. 

You don't actually have to fill a whole dumptruck full of your mini comics... the dumptruck is a metaphor for how it will feel to get whole bunch of mini-comics all at once that were created between now and June of 2011. By signing up for the challenge you commit to finishing a mini comic and sending a copy to each of the other participants that finish a mini comic. 

Likely I'll be posting my results here. Most of my comics I've outlined are about various short scenes on different characters in the world of Art Geek Zoo. For instance we may get to visit Max Ruckus FX in the gym or perhaps a young Pick Wingvey getting his first toy guitar as a gift... we'll see. Those are two of the comics I've outlined so far.