The Crime Fighting Band

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


UPDATE! Now in color! Stay tuned for a bunch of comics this weekend as I'm participating in 24 Hour Comic Day! So we'll have a break this week from the AGZ Mini story of For Whom The Button Clicks for something I write and draw at about 1 page an hour for a whole day. It starts 10AM CST Saturday the 2nd and runs to 10AM CST Sunday the 3rd. Wish me luck! Watch this space as I'm planning to post the comics as I finish them.

Here's a link to the pen-only version of the comic and I've posted small previews of all the stages below.

It's a special double-size episode of AGZ Mini - For Whom the Button Clicks!

The whole band finally arrives on the scene of Clicky's demise. They not only run into their missing guitar pedal Max Ruckus FX - he seems to be running errands again for the elusive rich elder statesman of rock/metal guitar+singing and haver of two phonetically same-sounding names: RAY RAE.

I've yet to color this episode - I'll be posting the full color version either later tonight or tomorrow. What you see at the moment is the "pen" stage. Most of the AGZ and AGZ Mini episodes aren't actually produced with pen and ink. I use either Photoshop to create the line art or Sketchbook Pro. Once in a while I use ArtRage but it has a tendency to crash after about an hour of use on a high-resolution image. To make the line art for today's episode I printed the layout to paper, pencil sketched the panels, scanned it, and then "inked" it in Sketchbook Pro. For the layouts and word balloons I use Adobe Illustrator. Here's a peek at the pencil stage for today's comic which is more rough and loose than I do for a regular AGZ episode:



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