Art Geek Zoo - The Chapters So Far

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


With the release of the book and my second festival/convention/expo appearance - MIX - which is coming tomorrow as I write this, I think now is a good time to take a look back at the chapters of Art Geek Zoo's main story. These chapter markers are also where I recommend jumping aboard/joining the band:

AGZ Chapter 1: Polytechnica

AGZ Chapter 2: Building a Band

AGZ Chapter 3: The First Gig

AGZ Chapter 4: Chromarch

You might be wondering about Chapter 5... stay tuned. It's coming, you happen to be joining the band at Art Geek Zoo between "seasons" when I do alternate comic posts and other fun stuff while I recharge and prepare. I do my best to share a comic every Friday. Some day I hope to get back to multiple comics per week again, but for now one per week is a good balance between my UI/UX consulting work and other projects like the recent game I finished.

Whether you're new to Art Geek Zoo or have been around before, thanks for stopping by and reading AGZ!