AGZ Mini - Moga The iClone

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


AGZ Mini is back! The main story of Art Geek Zoo is a serious endeavor that's also fun and a work of love for me. As much as I enjoy creating the main story, AGZ Mini is a way to take a break, color outside the lines, be silly, and do stuff that just wouldn't fit in the main story.

Here starts a new short story, poking fun at many things including stuff I've recently been heavily immersed - iPhone/iPod OS game and Android game development. The project known as the "AGZ Game" has been released to the world as Guitar Fretter - the action-puzzle game where you match the notes on the Minions to the guitar fretboard. It's already in the Android Market (see it there from your Android device here or from your other device here) and soon to arrive in the iTunes App Store.

Update: You can now purchase Guitar Fretter in the iTunes App Store! I really appreciate the initial reception Guitar Fretter is getting, it's great to see people purchasing it and enjoying it. Thank you very much for purchasing it! Not only are you getting a game - you're making my dream of being a game developer and cartoonist totally come true.