Beyond Mad Max (episode 110)

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


Update: February 11, 2010: The episode is now in color! Here's the line-art only version if you're curious. Also, I've published the code I mentioned below, here's an overview article and here's the code.

I hope the black and white version of today's episode is cool for now. I have a bit of a time crunch today and thought it best to share what I have so far than to wait.

For those of you curious about the "software that runs this site", I mentioned a few times in the past that I'll be sharing the source code. My goal is to publish it by noon Sunday the 7th. There's a bit of work to do with packaging it up, polishing up the code, and writing up a basic how-to document. There'll be many more little releases after the first one, but this is the first and I want it to make a good impression. Hence - less time for coloring today's episode. I'll tell more of the story of what it does, how it came about, etc. on a future AGZ Polytechnicast.

Thanks for reading Art Geek Zoo! .\m/