24 Hour Comic Special - Metal or the Girl

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


Here begins a special AGZ story and my first 24 Hour Comic day. I started at 10 AM today at the Minneapolis Center for Book Arts which is hosting 24 Hour Comic Day in the Mpls area. I've finished four pages which I'll keep posting here soon and I've also finished the writing. Soon I'll get back to drawing and word ballooning... Wish me luck and I hope you enjoy the posts!

By the way - the Minneapolis Center for Book Arts is a cool place, they've got a great setup for hosting this kind of event. Also, the art supply place called WetPaint did a bunch of cool giveaways earlier today which was generous and awesome of them. Lots of good energy being surrounded by the numerous talented artists all sitting here making comics simultaneously. Not something I encounter on a day to day basis and it's a bunch of fun.