Comic Hosting Software

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

A key ingredient to sharing AGZ with you is using a piece of software called a Content Management System or CMS. I and many other web comic artists use a CMS called WordPress with an add-on called ComicPress and ComicPress Manager.

I'm sharing this post to say, two things.

1) Those pieces of software are awesome.
2) I'm building my own piece of software that will do the same thing.

Why do that?

Well, like the target of many creative urges, someone else has done it and has done it well. However, I have some ideas and desired features that are not readily available.

Yes, I could make changes to the WordPress/ComicPress open source software I already use, but I really dig the programming language Python and the hosting arrangement of Google App Engine.

Okay... what does this mean to you AGZ reader?

Well, this week I'll be putting out simple to produce "Rob's Day Off... Sort of" episodes so I can focus some time on development and coding of my CMS. This week will be one-frame spoof comics of classic Anime. I hope you enjoy them!! As always, drop me an email or comment if you see anything you want a T-shirt of (that goes for any comic on this site).

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