A Hulking Banner

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

My new AGZ banner arrived today. Perhaps it's not hulking, but it is pretty incredible.

AGZ - Finished vertical banner

I'd been shopping for one of these banners since I heard about them on an old Webcomics Weekly podcast. Brad Guigar ( mentioned having a great source for a standing retractable banner.

I looked for a while. The sources I found seemed like they'd either do a great job - or just take my money without sending me a banner, an empty box, or even a picture of my money hanging out with a banner.

Then one day, Krishna Sadasivam, who does all sorts of great things for the web comics community including the webcomic PC Weenies, teaching classes in art, tips via twitter, even a podcast... in short, Krishna rocks. He wrote a blog post about the PC Weenies banner he had printed. A quick DM later and I finally had a great source for such a banner. Feel free to DM or email me and I too am happy to provide the info. Thanks, Krishna!

Look for this banner at Baltimore Comic Con, October 10th and 11th!

AGZ - Finished vertical banner and Rob

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