Chapter 4: Chromarch

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

Season 2 of Art Geek Zoo's main story begins!

Crunchy's older brother Bill is towing a crew of injured instruments and musician making slow progress toward the Mystical Guitar Tribe Village. Crunchy, while trapped in the guitar case is still maintaining a grip on Pick... much to the annoyance of Bill.


I've updated the post to have less grammatical errors and reposted the comic... earlier version was the full resolution that I work with in photoshop and illustrator (500 dpi). Even as a PNG file it weighs in at about 2MB. I'm just so dang excited about getting season 2 rolling, I need to remember to take a deep breath and do my normal checklist of things before I post.

Update Continued... Helpful Links:

Today's episode picks up soon after

Episode 73: The Way of Sound

. Episode 73 was the conclusion of the First Gig chapter that starts at

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