AGZ Day Off - Cleaning Products Make Bad Spokespeople

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

Since early April of this year, I've been enjoying sharing three posts per week with you. The posts aren't always the main story of AGZ, but a combination of AGZ's main story, episodes of "I draw stuff and talk", "sketchbook" posts, images of mini/chibi character designs; and most recently AGZ Mini. I had a great time telling the alternate world short story: AGZ Mini - Clicky's Arrival.

I also had a theory...

...that with AGZ MIni that I would be able to work ahead, keep comics coming Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, get a jump on Season 2 of the main Art Geek Zoo story, get a print comic laid out, and possibly a new item for the AGZ Store. I made a lot of progress on these things, but didn't quite pull all of it off. This could be due to me taking time for various summer events (warm weather is precious when you live in Minnesota). What did I do with some of that time? Well, for example, this weekend I went camping with my wife and a bunch of great friends.

So today I announce a new type of comic I intend to share from time to time. I call it "Rob's Day Off... Sort of". :) I'll post a quick doodle that will hopefully make you laugh or at least crack a smirk. The Day Off posts will happen now and then and will keep something fresh appearing when I don't have the time to produce an AGZ or AGZ Mini episode.

Stay tuned, AGZ Season 2 will be starting next Monday. I'll share more Day Off posts the rest of this week. Thanks for stopping by!