100th Comic on, List of AGZ Story Arcs Too!

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

It's time to celebrate one of those big round number milestones. On Friday, the 27th issue of AGZ Mini will bring the total comics on to 100!

There's good amount of posts past the 100 total if I include articles and sketchbook posts. What gets me more excited is the 100 actual comics. Why? Two main reasons: First, I really enjoy sharing a creative work that I care about on a regular basis with you! Second, it's been an awesome learning experience!

AGZ Story Arcs

The four story arcs published at this point with some fun descriptions:

Getting Accepted
Penguin with debilitating stage fright and his mystical guitar friend try to enter a very advanced school of the arts: Zoo College Polytechnica.
(Episodes 1-20)

Forming the Band
A group of students, unsure of one another, take on the challenge of becoming a solid band that can earn the grades needed to keep Pick and Crunchy in school.
(Episodes 21-51)

Resonant Dojo's First Gig
Something bigger than Pick and Crunchy's band (Resonant Dojo) is happening in and around Polytechnica. No time to be concerned with that, the band needs to pull off a successful gig.
(Episodes 52-73)

AGZ Mini - Clicky's Arrival
In the first AGZ Mini short story, we learn that Crunchy is the father of a "guitar button" controller named Clicky, see how Pick and Taka deal with their love of the rhythmic button game, and follow Max through employment challenges and a disagreement with Clicky.
(AGZ Mini Episodes 1-27)

Thanks for reading AGZ, AGZ Mini! Here's to the next 100 comics!


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