The Morphing Concept of AGZ Mini

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

AGZ Mini's original concept was to be one-off jokes. That changed when I started to actually write the episodes. As I organized and typed my notes, AGZ Mini morphed and grew beyond being just a safe AGZ related sandbox. A large part of that change happened when I decided to base the initial plot on exposing the characters a videogame + fancy controller much like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. :-)

When will the first AGZ Mini story, "Clicky's Arrival" conclude?

It's looking like it will be 24 episodes total. I'm still deciding whether I'll do a few more AGZ Minis after that, perhaps a super short story, or if it will be time to start Art Geek Zoo Season Two!

Lastly, I have one more Morph to mention. As I typed the word "Morphing" in this post's title I recalled this really fun, educational, and inspiring 'zine that had quite an impact on my career path. It was called Morph's Outpost on the Digital Frontier. The magazine is no longer in business, but there is a blog dedicated to discussing things related to Morph's Outpost. Its cover may look dated, but I think it still rocks. .\m/

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