AGZ Mini - Clicky's Arrival

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

AGZ Mini is finally here! Clicky's Arrival is the first of many short stories and one-offs told in a parallel world of the Art Geek Zoo Universe. Who's Clicky? Stay tuned for Wednesday's episode to find out!

Behind the Scenes

I've have a fair amount of behind the scenes material piling up... I really need to share it more often. This weekend was great for both art and writing productivity. It needs to be! :) I finished six episodes of AGZ Mini! I'm hoping that I can keep that pace going, build up a nice buffer of publishing scheduled episodes, then do three things:

1) Take a little break, recharge.

2) Building up AGZ... business stuff, site stuff, plotting season 2 of the main story, etc.

3) Be more available in July and August for friends and family summer events.

How long will the AGZ Mini stuff last? How long before you get to know what happens to Pick and Crunchy? Think of this as a between season summer break. I promise to get back to the main story. I need to. It's just that I need to balance out other things while being a web comic artist. AGZ Mini takes me less time to do and I'm hoping it will expand my relationship with you fine readers. You'll get to see odd nooks and crannies and wacky stuff related to the AGZ world that I wouldn't normally or easily fit into the main plot. I'm excited to share these short stories with you and as always enjoy hearing from you! Comment or email away!

Play like you mean it,