AGZ Mini Characters - Stacy A.k.a. Pain Jane

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

And so in what is probably the last AGZ Mini Characters post... because it's time to actually get the real AGZ Mini comic going, we meet the mini Stacy and her alter ego Pain Jane.

Stacy is a bit of a plain girl that grew annoyed with classmates assuming she was so boring and other pickings-on that classmates do. She started a band and her alter ego is the front-person: Pain Jane.

I hope you don't mind my Friday experiments as they'll be back from time to time. Perhaps sketches, single panel jokes, we'll see. But for now - Fridays will be a real comic: AGZ Mini! Same characters as Art Geek Zoo, only in Mini form and doing whatever I want that for the most part doesn't pertain to the official Art Geek Zoo plotline. It's alot of fun (and great learning time) for me to experiment, I hope it's good fun for you too.

The main reasons I'm adding this alternate comic to AGZ: Time management and experimentation. I'll be using this in-between-seasons time to write season two and take care of a few AGZ administrative tasks (e.g. look into printing some season one comics)! Happy Friday! -- Rob