Episode 48 The Great FÖM Divide

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


The band members of Resonant Dojo are making hand decorated shirts for their first gig. It seems not everyone enjoys the music of FÖM. Perhaps Max has a new opportunity to cause trouble?

Behind the Scenes

What is Max's deal anyway? :) You'll see, it'll be the subject of season two's intro/preface.

Big news re: the AGZ Team. Art Geek Zoo a one man operation once again, Pete Gilbertson is moving on from AGZ. I wanted to not surprise you guys when season one concludes and share the news. Pete and I worked out the details and it's quite awesome that he's finished the season one script. Thank you Pete for all the great work you did on season one of AGZ! Stay Tuned as I'll certainly be posting links to any of the stuff that Pete's up to on the interwebs! Have you seen his company's YouTube Channel? It's Whetstone Films!