Rob's Sketchbook Bunny Puns And Hides

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

So many puns. This bunny Punned, then hid.

Why'd he hide? He thought no bunny would find him. The word bunny is like pun nitroglycerin unstable and full of explosive fun potential. Especially so if you just keep swaping the "body" part of a word, the puns just keep rolling along. Somebunny, anybunny, bunny of evidence, and so forth. Though in this case, the puns keep hopping along.

Time to stop punning and get some rest to be ready for my day of travel to the NEWW (also known as Web Comics Weekend)! Have a great weekend, perhaps I'll tweet text or a picture now and then from the adventure. Either way, stay tuned for Monday's AGZ episode!