Episode 44 Communication Breakdowns

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger


Taka's feeling bold enough to ask Marlo to be his guest at the first Resonant Dojo gig. Pick's feeling bold enough to ask his parents to come to the gig as well.

Behind the Scenes

We keep on trucking. Pete Gilbertson and myself (Rob Stenzinger) are adding more things to share with you about Art Geek Zoo's world and characters. So far we have: the comic, AGZipedia, occasional blogging, and the taking-shape video/screen cast of "I Draw Stuff and Talk". What's next? Take a guess in the comments! It'll be fun to hear what the (to-be-nicknamed-soon) readers of AGZ think/wish what's next.

Depending on how the next week goes we'll either be publishing an episode, a special Valentines/Mal Unkind's card/pinup or both! :) Wish us luck!

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