Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

Comic and Fantasy Illustration by Rob Stenzinger:
  • Single Character, Black and White, 8.5" x 11", Printed on card stock, signed, shipped in the continental US: $70.00
  • Adding Color with Abstract Background:
  • Cell Shaded, add $20 or Painted with Texture, add $50
  • More Characters or non-abstract backgrounds, email to discuss details.
Email me at to get your custom commission started. What happens then?
  • Once the details are known for the commission and we both want to go-ahead, I'll bill you via PayPal.
  • PayPal will notify me when you've given me the final go-ahead by paying the commission fee.
  • Then I'll email you with a picture at each stage of progress, you send me your comments.
    • Rough sketch
    • Final sketch
    • Pen (Final)
    • And if it's for a color commission:
      • Flat color
      • Final color/paint
    • Then the final card-stock printing, signing, and shipping to you!