Baltimore Comic-Con Update and Hello Fallcon

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

Baltimore Comic-Con is almost here! It's a good thing I'm almost ready. I say almost because I'm still puzzling out my packing situation. Some of what I'm bringing is quite breakable.


In the breakable category I have five first printing, framed, signed and numbered prints - some of which use glass in the frame. One is a single episode of AGZ, the others are sets that have an overall theme. I make the episodes at a high resolution of 500 dpi - they blow up well. agz-making-buttons-framing-art-too2

I'll also have a few dozen buttons that I'm selling for the low price of $1 each. They come in four designs! agz-making-buttons-framing-art-too1

Then there's the guitar pick situation. Unfortunately I have them in time for BCC. My vendor is having a problem locating the picks as they were shipped to someone else on accident. Once I have them in hand and ready to sell, I'll be sure to post them in the AGZ Store.

I almost forgot to mention - I'll be there doing sketches as well. Come see me at booth #30. I'll be sharing a table with Ken Drab who writes and draws the comic Rick the Stick. Ken has mentioned our table in his comic's blog and as he points out - we're near both the entrance and the restrooms.

Can't wait to meet the Art Geek Zoo fans of the Baltimore area. See you there this Saturday and Sunday!

That reminds me, while I'm in Baltimore, Fallcon is happening in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. It looks like a good show and it's pretty much in my own backyard. I'll have to catch it next year, hopefully Baltimore Comic-Con and Fallcon will happen on separate weekends in 2010.

Wherever you happen to be, have an awesome comic convention weekend!

-- Rob

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