Rob's Day Off... Bebop's Quiet Nextdoor Neighbor

Posted on by Rob Stenzinger

Classic anime spoof week concludes with a promo-type-spoof of Cowboy Bebop. If Cowboy Smooth Jazz were a real show, it would take things at about 1/2 - 3/4 tempo of Bebop. Instead of crazy martial arts, shootouts, and space chases there'd be a lot of stern looks, verbal disagreements, and a tractor beam to catch every criminal powered by a dog on tenor saxophone.

It's been fun to share a few goof takes on anime this week. After all that you may have the impression that I dislike anime. In truth it's been a source of great fun and inspiration for me ever since trying to VHS tape record Robotech during its elusive time spot back in the day.

Monday it's back to the main plot of AGZ, have a great weekend!
--R .\m/